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Can a blog be created to answer questions from Google Question Hub?

Yes, You can create a blog for Questions of Google Question Hub and you can write related articles. This is the best way to write articles on the blog, this will bring you traffic from Google. So let’s know what the whole process is. Add your site or blog to Google search consoleSign up to the question hub and add your site or blog add question you are interested in copy the question and write the article copy the article link and add it to the answer box in the question hub

Add your site or blog to the Google search console

First of all, you have to register your site and blog in the search console and verify. You will not do this, you will not add a link to your article in the answer of question hub. Verifying by adding a site to the search console is very easy. As soon as you add the site, you will get the verification code, you have to put it between the head tag and verify your site.

If you blog on WordPress, you can use Site Kit by Google.

If you blog on, you will get an option in the sidebar.

Sign up to the question hub add a site or blog & Add a question you are interested in

After adding a site to the search console, you register in the question hub. This is very easy to do, sign and click on the ad question and select the topic on which you want to write the article. No need to add a site here google will automatically get your site from the search console when you answer questions.

copy questions and write an article

Question Hub will give 10 questions on your interest topic. Copy the question that you like and make a heading for the article. Start writing articles about that. If you write the article yourself, it is excellent. If you copy-paste from somewhere, Google will not send you traffic. So please write your yourself.

The article should be at least 600 words and Max as much as you can write. The article should be worth reading. Paragraph 100 Words Max.

copy the article link and add it to the answer box in the question hub

When finished writing the article, check it once and then publish it. After posting, click on the link to that article and click on it to submit the link on the question hub.

Links to the Search Console and question hub

Search Console

Question hub

If you have any trouble doing this. You can write us. we can defiantly help you.

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